Opt-Out Revolutionary is a community of writers, parents, and experts that aims to bring more joy into the lives of parents and families by offering ideas, inspiration, and tips about how to live a more balanced life. We publish posts related to careers, parenting, health & well-being, relationships, the environment, and just generally having fun.

Interested in writing for Opt-Out Revolutionary? Great! We love contributions from our revolutionary community!

Here is what we publish:

1. Upbeat, optimistic posts offering practical tips that lead to greater fulfillment, well-being, and/or personal growth in the various areas of life. Good examples of this type of post might include titles like “5 Networking Strategies to Implement Today” or “How to Set New Year’s Resolutions that Really Work.”

2. Personal essays that portray a personal journey of some sort that led to a greater level of awareness or success (whatever that means to you). This could be something like, “How Raising My Daughter Taught Me to Accept My Body” or “Why Leaving My High Pressure Job Made Me a Better Dad.” Don’t be afraid to dig deep or think outside the box!

3. “From the Trenches” types of stories or anecdotes from your life that readers find humorous, funny, relatable, sympathetic, less alone, or that may offer others the chance to find a new way of looking at things. For an example, see “What 7-Year-Olds Know About Work that Adults Should Be Reminded of Every Day.”

4. Recipes and dietary ideas for kids and adults that use healthy, all-natural, whole food ingredients. No processed food products please. OOR has a special place in its heart for recipes that deal with special dietary needs (like food allergies, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), ideas for getting kids to eat more whole foods, and simple whole food meal ideas for busy parents on the go.

Submission Guidelines:

1. With the exception of recipes, posts should generally be between 450-850 words.

2. Please include a brief byline and photo with your submission, to be included with your post. In addition to some short, interesting facts about yourself, your byline may also include links to your own personal website(s), blog, and social media pages.

3. If you are submitting a recipe, please include a photo. Photos should be at least 300 DPI, in landscape format, and taken in natural light.

4. Some posts will contain facts, statements, studies, or statistics taken from external sources. If you use these in your piece, please cite them in the body of your article, and provide links if possible. This way, everyone is recognized for their hard work!

5. Please do not submit posts that plug a particular product or brand.

6. Please do not submit posts that have already been posted on personal blogs or other websites.

7. If your submission is for Career Life, we love posts that focus on working smarter, innovative new ways that work well for parents, rather than the traditional 9-5. This could include topics like work-life balance, flexible schedules, job sharing, entrepreneurship, freelancing, the Opt-Out Revolution, re-entering the workforce after a break, etc. We also love posts about relationship dynamics between co-workers or bosses, as well as living your passion and finding your true self.

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2. Opt-Out Revolutionary does not pay contributing writers for their submissions. However, we do our best to promote your piece through various social media channels. Your piece will be more successful if you do the same.

3. Please know that, should OOR decide to publish your piece, your work may undergo some editing beforehand. This is strictly for editorial purposes, and your original tone and meaning will not be altered.

4. OOR will respond to submissions within 14 days, whenever possible.

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