Today on Revolutionary Thinkers, author Kaly Sullivan discusses the in’s and out’s of relocation and how to design an intention-based move that connects you to your values and leads you toward the life you want.

Kaly is a co-founder of Harlow Park Media, a blogger at, and the author of Good Move: Strategy and Advice for Your Family’s Relocation.

In today’s show, we will be discussing some of the major ideas in the book, including:

  • the five most common reasons people move or relocate.
  • how to decide if moving is the right thing for you or your family.
  • alternative ways to improve your lifestyle without moving.
  • why it is important to identify and understand you or your family’s values before and during the moving process, and how to use those values to architect a good move.
  • what many people say they wish they had known before their move and what they would have done differently.
  • how to avoid moving fraud.
  • the hidden costs of moving that most people forget to budget for.

This inaugural episode of our show is is must watch for anyone who currently feels displaced in their living situation, as well as those who are facing an imminent move.